Everything is on Fire (feat. an Apology)


As fans of the show on Facebook know, this month, Radio vs. the Martians! was scheduled to release an episode about that famous slayer of monsters and men, Conan the Barbarian starring our good friends, Greg Hatcher and Pól Rua.

We sat down for this episode tonight, and it was fucking amazing. So good that I wish we had successfully recorded it.

Due to a computer error that none of us still understand, that conversation is lost to the ages.

It is physically painful for me to report that we won’t be releasing a podcast episode of our show this month. Scheduling conflicts sadly make this impossible.

But fear not! A Conan panel you were promised, and a Conan panel you shall receive!

This same panelists will be back to record this panel discussion (again) in early September! And although this technical glitch was beyond anyone’s control, I still feel that I need to apologize for the lack of episode this month.

I am terribly sorry, and I promise that the extra wait will be worth it.

And, while you may not get a new panel this month, we will have a brand new Radio vs. the Mailbag question that will be released.

Until then, I can only ask for your patience and forgiveness.


3 thoughts on “Everything is on Fire (feat. an Apology)

  1. What Dan said. Especially since you’ve got Greg and Pol on the panel – that’s like an all-star podcast!
    Actually, though, I’ve fallen victim to losses of much hard work due to some kind of computer-related f-up in the past, so I can sympathize. Also, your tags (“ohshitohshitohshit” and “we fucked up”) made me gol (giggle out loud).

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