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Radio vs. the Martians! is a twice-monthly podcast devoted to a warts-and-all dissection of popular culture.

Mike Gillis and Casey Doran are joined by a rotating panel of their friends for an unflinching — and profanity-laden — look at the highs and lows of science fiction, video games, horror, comic books, movies, and everything in between. Think of us as the McLaughlin Group for nerds!

Our 90+ minute long panel discussions are released twice-annually. We’re joined by two guest panelists, and are focused on a particular pop culture franchise, character, filmmaker, actor, comic book series, video game, literary trope, or meta-fictional concept.

We also cover what call “single serving selections.” These are shorter, more bite-sized pop culture topics, where we are joined by a single guest for a discussion of a specific movie, comic book or television story arc, novel or more!

What sort of topics have we covered on our podcast episodes? So far, we’ve talked about:

We supplement these discussions with our “Fun Size” episodes — previously called “point 5” episodes — additional conversations with our panelists after the main discussion is finished. We touch on unfocused, non-topic specific discussions on whatever comes to mind, usually 45 minutes to an hour in length.

Every other month, instead of a panel episode, we’re joined by a single guest to dive into the cinematic library of actor and statesman, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a movie-by-movie master’s course in catchphrases, explosions and wonderfully absurd macho bullshit, with episodes we call, “Podcasta la Vista, Baby!”

Whenever it strikes our fancy — and at least once a year — we sit down to dissect comic books starring our favorite western anti-hero, DC’s Jonah Hex. We dig through the character’s over 40 year publication history and indulge ourselves in the many viscerally satisfying ways that a horribly scarred cowboy dispatches murderers, bandits, and various unsavory folks and send them to Hell, in episodes that we call, “Hex & Violence.”

Our show’s logo and our panelist bio graphics were created by Rob Kelly. Our show’s original artwork was designed by Kyle Hepworth. Our theme music was written and performed by James Whetzel. Our original theme song was written and performed by Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto. And if you’d like to run an advertisement for our show on your podcast or radio show, you can find it here.

Please, join us!

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