Episode 2 – Professional Wrestling

Mike and Casey step into the squared circle with Living After Faith’s Rich Lyons, and Pól Rua of Mike and Pól Save the Universe. The topic: Professional Wrestling.

We discuss the history of this carnival attraction turned billion dollar industry, the toll it takes on its performers, the ugly business dealings of Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon, and everyone’s favorite technicolor lunatic, the Ultimate Warrior. Feel the destrucity!

“Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme” by Jim Johnston
“Real American” by Rick Derringer

Previously titled: “Skin Like a Laminated Hot Dog”

3 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Professional Wrestling

  1. I do, however, have one factual correction. Early on I claim that George Hackenschmidt used to pay sparring partners to injure future opponents. This is incorrect.
    It was Frank Gotch who did that. George Hackenschmidt was one of the opponents he did it TO.

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