Because Sometimes Life Happens

As the title of this post implies, the complications of life sometimes drive us to make adjustments. Well, life happens.

Oh, don’t worry. Nobody is dying. Nothing is on fire. Nothing is fucked.

But we’ve found that with the growing complications of adult life, it can be a lot more difficult to spend a couple months trying to consume all the media you can find about a pop culture topic like Batman or Star Trek, composing our thoughts in interesting and funny ways, and producing a 90+ minute podcast about it.

We don’t say it a lot, but it’s a lot of work. It’s work we adore, but work nonetheless.

Sometimes it means months of prep work and dozens of hours of writing and research going into our full panel discussion episodes. And it’s time we simply don’t have to produce the panels as frequently as we’d like.

First, the bad news is that for the time being, you won’t see nearly as many full panel episodes of Radio vs. the Martians! as you’ve grown accustomed to.

Starting this month, we will produce approximately three panel episodes a year. We’re going to make them count, and make them good.

Now, the good news is that our monthly “Fun Size” episodes are going nowhere. We will continue to put them out as scheduled in the last week or so of every month.

What this means that you will see a lot more episodes of our sister podcasts Podcasta la Vista, Baby! and Hex & Violence to fill up our dance cards.

For most of the year, expect those two shows to alternate from month to month, only to be interrupted tri-annually for a full panel episode in the classic style.

So, breathe and relax. We’re not going anywhere. Some things are going slower. Some things are speeding up. And at the beginning of next year, expect one giant surprise we can’t wait to share with you.

Thanks for sticking with us, listeners. We’ll make it worth your while!


2 thoughts on “Because Sometimes Life Happens

  1. Ya know, I’m not a big comics fan (my husband is) but when Hex and Violence started, I was suddenly hooked. Comics are much more interesting when I hear intelligent conversation about it instead of the usual nergasms I usually associate with the form. Seriously, I’d rather hear you talk about the comics than read them myself.

    Oh, and the Arnold movies? LOVE! If you guys ever get around to a serious look at the Godzilla movies (the originals, the not-a-Zilla, the new take) I am SO MUCH THERE you might even pry some money out of me. Or, hell, ask me about ’em 😀 I’ve thought and geeked about them far more than is healthy for a woman my age.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I know Godzilla (and other assorted kaiju critters) are something we want to cover in the future. No concrete plans yet.

      But you will definitely get more Arnold and Hex in the future.

      May I ask how you found us?

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