A Sad Announcement

Everyone , I’m sad to announce that we are suspending production of the podcast indefinitely. Both Mike and myself had created a plan to sunset the show, but for reasons of time, attention and mental health, we’ve found ourselves unable to continue. I know I can speak for Mike when I say that we are immensely proud of the work we’ve done over the past 10 years, but the strain of production has pushed us both to the breaking point.

While the website and feed will remain active indefinitely, we will stop payments to the Patreon so as not to keep collecting donations for a project we can no longer continue.

The Discord, irregular screenings at The Beacon and a regular “post-show” night out are part of our plans to keep the community alive, as building relationships with all of you has been the true highlight of my work.

Thanks so much to all of you who have hung with us for the last decade, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of your faces in person and on Discord.

Thank you so much!

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