Episode 3 – Zombies

They’re coming to get you, Barbara….

Mike and Casey join forces with author and Seattle Vine columnist, Libbie Grant, and Ian Gould, the owner of Ace Comics and Games, to pillage the ravaged post-apocalyptic wasteland and argue about those ubiquitous walking corpses!

That’s right, we’re talking about zombies! We discuss their social relevance, the often derivative nature of zombie fiction, and why they shouldn’t be romantic leads. Ever.

Check yourself for bites and be sure to aim for the head!

“Main Title Theme to the Walking Dead” by Bear McCreary
“The Gonk” by Herbert Chappell

Previously titled: “Rotting Corpse Dick”

2 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Zombies

  1. As a non-zombie fan, like Libbie, I found this episode both fascinating and very informative, so thanks muchly for doing it. I may need to look up some of the older films that were discussed… though I’ll probably just end up re-watching Sean of the Dead. :p

    Also, as a life long Transformers fan, I dug Mike’s parting comment; “My Starscream to my Megatron”. Keep up the awesome work! I’m loving this series. 🙂

  2. Bethany,

    This is exactly the sort of response I hope to get from “Radio vs. the Martians!” I want to have a show that will be interesting for people who aren’t fans of the particular topic.

    Shawn of the Dead is a favorite of mine. And I would definitely recommend the original Dawn of the Dead, which still holds up over 30 years later.

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