Episode 4.5 – Wilford Brimley Battles an Orc with a Scimitar

diabeetusIn the aftermath of our George Lucas panel, Mike and Casey discover that a certain oatmeal pitch man did star in an Ewoks television movie!

We also look at the total reversal by Microsoft after the backlash the XBOX One received, we discuss the announcement of a new lead for Doctor Who,  we debate whether Orson Scott Card’s anti-gay activism should prompt us to boycott the Ender’s Game movie, and we remember a cinematic history of low budgets and high fantasy!

One thought on “Episode 4.5 – Wilford Brimley Battles an Orc with a Scimitar

  1. Hey guys.

    Thanks for yet another good episode. I’m tempted to check out the ewok movies. I know I saw one of them when I was very young, but I remember very little about it.

    Talking of the XBOX One (Eighty), a friend of mine recently ventured a theory that Microsoft never intended to go ahead with all the promised DRM at all, but rather was counting on the internet backlash to generate huge publicity for them, so they could then win credit by appearing to be responding to the negative feedback they were getting. Given the amount of time that would have needed to go into all this DRM, building it into the very system, removing it on a whim does seem a little hard to believe; but if it was never there in the first place, there’s no major last minute reprogramming to be done. Now, I’m not a console designer or a programmer, so I don’t know whether or not this makes any real sense, but it’s certainly an interesting theory… or conspiracy theory, even.

    And finally, I am really excited about the next panel episode! Like Mike, I love Superman and I was really quite appalled in retrospect by this summer’s ‘Man of Steel’. I tried desperately to like that film, but the more I thought about it, the worse it seemed. Not only did the film get the character of Superman himself completely wrong, it was badly written. Zod wanted to terraform (or “kryptoform”?) a planet to create a new Krypton and needed Kal-El’s help to do it. So why pick Earth and endanger all life on it, thus drawing the ire of Superman, rather than his help, when they could just as easily have picked Venus or Mars? Superman might have actually helped them do it if they did that. But, no, had to put the whole planet in mortal danger, or there’d be no film. All round, it was just a terribly written film, to say nothing of a gross character assassination on Superman. But I’ll shut up about that now and just say I am very much looking forward to a lengthy discussion about Superman through the ages in episode #5! 🙂

    Thanks again.

    ~ Bethany

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