Fun Size Episode 1 – Puppy Vengeance


As Holiday scheduling conflicts made a full panel episode of the show impossible this month, Mike and Casey are back with what they’re calling a “Fun Size” episode. It’s an unstructured, free form discussion of stuff in pop culture not quite big enough for a full panel episode!

Join us as we dig into the new under-the-radar Keanu Reeves revenge film, John Wick. We explore the idea that perhaps it’s not a great thing to spend a year dissecting every scrap of news and trailer before seeing a movie. Let alone have years of film releases mapped out for us. And finally, we compare how our current lack of enthusiasm for the movie theater experience compares to the present state of the mediums of television and comic books.

We won’t be doing these episodes regularly, but please let us know what you think of Fun Size episodes! Thanks for listening and have a Happy Holiday!

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 1 – Puppy Vengeance

  1. First: hope you guys are enjoying the holidays. Best wishes.
    Second: liked the fun-size episode. Of course, I also liked those .5 episodes you used to do as well. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m easy to please.
    Third: I know it was just the two of you, but I got the impression you could have spun that topic out into an hour-long episode easy.
    Fourth: … er, hate to be pedantic, but the generally accepted plural form of medium is in fact media – especially in the context you’re using here.
    Fifth: don’t care about the almost-giveaway teasers, can’t wait for next month’s episode!

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