Upcoming Episode Topics


Here is a look ahead at our future episode topics for the rest of the year. Please bear in mind that these topics are extremely tentative. They can — and likely will — change according to availability of our panelists and completely arbitrary reasons.

JUNE Watchmen

JULYFun Size Episode (Double-sized and released in two parts!)

AUGUST Twin Peaks


OCTOBER —  Podcasta La Vista, Baby!  Episode 1 – the Running Man

NOVEMBER Star Trek: the Next Generation


EDIT: Updated schedule – November 2, 2015

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Episode Topics

  1. Great to see a list of future/tentative show topics. Love it. Love your show. You guys are fun to listen to.

    Something I’d been wondering though…why no Dune? Ever considered doing the topic? Ah…..or perhaps you guys just have no interest, really….? (Which is okay, I suppose)

    I mean, hey! Planet of the Apes and 007 is totally my thing and two of my favorite franchises ever, don’t get me wrong. Just a bit….I guess, confused (dare I say crestfallen?).

  2. There’s no reason we can’t *eventually* get to Dune. There’s been talk about it, certainly.

    Generally, a few things go into picking upcoming topics for panels.

    1.) Enthusiasm — We need either myself or Casey to get excited enough about the topic to want to do the research on it and put the work into writing a panel. Some topics we know a lot about off-hand and writing them is incredibly easy. Casey and I have talked, and we want to commit to doing more topics that reflect our individual passions — for Casey, video games and for me, comic books. We’re going to have at least one video game topic and one comic book topic per year from now on.

    2.) Ease — Some topics are HARD to do. Or we are nervous about getting them right. The Watchmen panel was this for me. Other topics we’ve done — like Superman or Blade Runner — are stuff that just easier in scope to do well, so those will always get into packed schedules quicker. Also there’s the TYPE of research we expect ourselves to do. It’s a lot easier to read the twelve issues of Watchmen or watch the feature length Blade Runner, than it is to committing to read the entirety of the Dune saga or the Lord of the Rings again. This is a big part of the reason that we haven’t done Doctor Who yet. There’s just so damned much of it. We definitely want to do more literary topics, but they require some lead time.

    3.) Panelist availability — We need to have two people who can talk passionately about the topic in detail. Not all of our friends are into the same things — just as Casey and myself have different passions and interests. But added to ourselves, we also need to find people who are able to talk on the subject, willing to be a part of the panel and available to join us to record.

    4.) Random stuff — We’re always kicking some ideas down the road. We’ve had a few topics that were delayed and put off for well over a year before we got around to doing them on the show. Some we’ve gotten to, others we’re still getting around to.

    I hope that explains it a bit better.

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