Fun Size Episode 3 – It Plays Brown Things!


In our second Fun Size episode this month, Mike and Casey are joined by in the studio by Ask an Atheist‘s Sam Mulvey.

We dig into the selection of current generation video game consoles, as Mike makes a decision on his future purchase. Are the Xbox One and Playstation 4 really that different? Why not Nintendo?

And why do gamers need to make a hard choice between colorful all-ages insanity like Mario Kart, and gritty adult games like Bioshock and Fallout? Why can’t we have everything?

And then talk turns to the subject of Bill Cosby, and shit gets real.

Deep breaths, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 3 – It Plays Brown Things!

  1. Well, since I’m not a gamer, I really couldn’t relate to the bulk of this episode, although your conversation was quite interesting. For one thing, I learned that there’s still all of these compatibility problems (I was under the false impression that pretty much all games were cross-compatible, regardless of the hardware being used).

    As for the Cosby discussion, I’ll just say I agree with Mike (I think) who pointed out that there should be no statute of limitations on rape, and I just don’t think there’s a point to having an even theoretical discussion of some kind of redemption or comeback for him.

    It’s unfortunate that you hit upon a favorite subject of mine, Star Trek, so close to the end. I’m almost a bit ashamed to admit that this is the first I’ve heard of Michael Dorn trying to get a “Captain Worf” series off the ground, and for years now to boot. Since I’m not the biggest fan of the official rebooted cinematic Trek being presented to us by Paramount, I rather like the idea. Although I’m surprised that at some point Dorn didn’t simply throw in his lot with Tim Russ, Walter Koenig and a few others who are putting together Star Trek: Renegades ( That’s something I’m really pretty excited about. And who knows? If the idea takes off and it gets turned into a series, Worf could easily be written into it.

  2. I think George Takei should get his Captain Sulu series, before Dorn gets a captain Worf. Count me in with those who aren’t fans of the reboot, though the only tv series I was really a fan of was TOS. Next Gen had some decent episodes; but, the bulk of it was boring, for me. I found Babylon 5 to be the more engaging post-TOS sci-fi series.

    I don’t think there is a redemption for Cosby. With Tyson, you had a violent man, with a violent, troubled past, who committed an act of violence. He went to jail for it. I still don’t think he deserves a pass for it, even after serving his sentence; but, others do. So, whatever. For me, he still has a lot of penance to perform. Cosby was a beloved figure, one who preached education, responsibility, family, community, etc… He was America’s dad, he taught you a thing or two, while Fat Albert and the gang had their hijinx. Then, he is revealed to be a sexual predator, a liar, unfaithful to his devoted wife, a control freak (the journalism demands are symptomatic of the same behavior as the alleged rapes), a hypocrite, and a cold, calculating, evil individual. He abused people’s trust. That isn’t easy to forgive. I’m not sure there is anything you can do to gain forgiveness for that. There is no way he will ever be punished for this, as his age makes jail time unlikely (if criminal charges are ever brought and a conviction secured); at least, not any significant time. He can be damaged economically; but, he has millions. He owns pieces of his shows, so as long as people are willing to show them, he still has revenue streams. I see few outlets willing to show it right now; but, it was too popular a show to ever completely go away.

    What I find ironic is that he always chastised comedians like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphey for their material, yet Pryor was pretty honest about himself, in his work and outside it. Too bad the same wasn’t true for Cosby.

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