Podcasta la Vista, Baby! Episode 8 – End of Days

When the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.

Stock up on holy water and grow out your sadness beards, because this month we’re joining Kit Laika to dissect Arnold’s turn-of-the-millennium supernatural thriller, End of Days.

Alcoholic and suicidal, ex-cop Jericho Cane is a broken man. But he’s the only thing standing between a young woman chosen to mother the Antichrist, and the forces of Hell themselves. And little does the Devil know that he’s fucking choirboy compared to Cane. A choirboy!

4 thoughts on “Podcasta la Vista, Baby! Episode 8 – End of Days

  1. Never saw this one; after listening to the show, I don’t think I’ll ever bother trying to see it (life’s too short). However, I did enjoy (yet again) thoroughly enjoy the episode. And I think it would be so cool to open a book in a library anywhere in the world and hear Kit’s voice whispering reading recommendations from it…

    • I’d say it’s worth seeking out a few clips on YouTube, but that’s about it. Definitely one of his worst, but it’s a fascinating sort of bad. Like you have to see it to believe that it’s real.

    • We’re working on the technology/arcane magicks as I type this, Edo, but there never seem to be enough goats to seal the deal.

  2. You desperately, DESPERATELY need to see the Spanish film ‘La Dia De La Bestia’ (The Day of the Beast).
    I strongly suspect you will HOWL with laughter throughout. Especially if you still have the funk of this one still echoing in your brainmeats.

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