Episode 30 – Keanu Reeves


Pop quiz, hot shot! Mike and Casey pile into the time-traveling phone booth for a chat about one of Hollywood’s biggest stars with Bryon DiGianfilippo and Joe Preti from the View from the Gutters podcast, and if we go under 50 miles per hour, it blows up. What do you do?

This month we dig into the multi-faceted career of a polarizing actor who has played everything from a doofus metalhead,  to a reckless hero cop, an unstoppable assassin, a cynical sorcerer, a serial killer, a romantic lead, and even…a kung fu cyberpunk messiah: Keanu Reeves.

But you can’t be told what Keanu is… you have to see it for yourself.

“John Mourns/Story of Wick” from John Wick by Tyler Bates and Joel Richard

Previously titled: “In the Shadow of Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan”

3 thoughts on “Episode 30 – Keanu Reeves

  1. Interesting episode. I learned so much; I didn’t know all of those anecdotes about Reeves. It makes me quite fond of him.
    Otherwise, I can’t say I gave much thought to him as an actor. I loved him and generally loved the two Bill & Ted movies (yes, both of them!) and I love John Wick. Other than that, I also liked Johnny Mnemonic and I think Speed is watchable, and that’s about it. I’m not a fan of any of the Matrix movies, didn’t even like Point Break very much, and I hated Coppola’s Dracula (although the horribly miscast Reeves was only one of the reasons for that). I similarly disliked one none of you mentioned, Little Buddha, but again, Reeves (again miscast in my opinion) was only a minor part of the reasons for my dislike.
    As for Replacements, I generally agree with Casey that it’s a crappy movie, although I found it strangely watchable. One thing I find rather subversively funny in it is the strippers as cheerleaders – to me, it seems like the cheerleaders for pro sports teams are little more than strippers with a veneer of social acceptability. I think the movie just underscored that fact by having a bunch of actual strippers take over as a pro-sports team’s cheerleaders without missing a beat.

    Anyway, I’ve really got to get around to seeing A Scanner Darkly…

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