Podcasta la Vista, Baby! Episode 9 – Escape Plan

Breaking out is an inside job.

After nearly forty years of waiting, it’s finally happened. It’s time to inject ourselves with tracking devices and ready our homemade sextants.  This month, we sit down with our good friend Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto to dive into the long-awaited team-up movie between Arnold Schwarzenegger and his longtime cinematic rival, Sylvester Stallone: Escape Plan.

Ray Breslin is a security expert who breaks out of maximum security prisons for a living. His skills are put to the test when he’s hired to escape from the ultimate black site detention center for the worst criminals on Earth, and staffed a corrupt warden and his violent costumed guards. But Breslin isn’t alone. His escape is aided a fellow inmate, played by our favorite Austrian badass, who thinks that teaming up with Breslin may be his ticket to freedom.

2 thoughts on “Podcasta la Vista, Baby! Episode 9 – Escape Plan

  1. Interesting – even though the general consensus here was that this one is not that good, I still find myself wanting to see it. Chalk that up to the power of your show and your fun conversations, you make me want to consume even bad movies.

    On the matter of Stallone, I have to say I was never a big fan. I liked First Blood initially (it came out when I was still in elementary school), but by the time the sequel came out I had started to actively dislike Stallone. So I never had that fanboy fantasy of him and Arnie meeting in a movie – unless it involved some kind of fight that ended with Arnie beating the crap out of Stallone.

    • Stallone’s work was always so dead serious compared to the batshit muscley catchphrase carnage of the Arnold films.

      So for Stallone, my favorite stuff was always the places where the subject matter was absurd. Sometimes intentionally (Demolition Man) or unintentional (Cobra.)

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