Episode 31 – Ghostbusters (1984)

We’re Ready To Believe You.

It’s the premiere episode of our Single Serving Selection series where we dissect a smaller helping of popular culture for you.

In our first selection, we get kicked out of university, and break out the proton packs with author, blogger and host of the Spilled Milk Podcast, Matthew Amster-Burton. We’re talking this month about the 1984 supernatural comedy classic that spawned a sequel, a cartoon series, a remake and even a popular juice box, Ghostbusters.

We dig into the movie’s balance of genre elements with comedy, and wonder aloud how Bill Murray’s Dr. Peter Venkman has managed to stay out of prison.

So, don’t cross the streams, don’t look into the trap, and tell him about the Twinkie.

Previously titled: “Consummate Snowball Artists”

3 thoughts on “Episode 31 – Ghostbusters (1984)

  1. Winston had a MUCH bigger role in the film in an earlier draft, where he was going to be the viewpoint character that the audience would follow into the world of the Ghostbusters…
    But at that stage, he was going to be played by Eddie Murphy, so it would have been a VERY different portrayal.
    When Murphy wasn’t available, they re-wrote the Zeddimore character substantially and, I think, for the better. The film works so much better as an ensemble piece than as another typical case of Murphy running his schtick.

  2. I can’t remember who said it, but it is worth pointing out that Ghostbusters is the most American movie ever. The main characters, within the space of the opening, have concrete proof of the existence of life after death and what do they do with it? They find a way to make money with it.

  3. Interesting that you mentioned the 1975 Saturday-morning Ghostbusters. I *loved* that show as a kid, especially the Tracy the Gorilla (Bob Burns wearing the suit), who wore a beanie and was the smartest member of the group. The other two were played by Larry Storch and Forest Tucker. It looks like all of the episodes are up on YouTube (and yes, they’re in color, don’t know why you guys thought it was in b&w) – it’s a very ’70s relic, hasn’t aged too well, but still has a goofy charm.
    Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because when I first heard there was a Ghostbusters movie coming out – this would have been my sophomore year of HS – I initially thought it was going to be based on the TV show and was tickled by the prospect. I still think it would have been hilarious to have had a gorilla wearing a beanie on the big screen leading the fight against malevolent supernatural forces…

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