Miller-ized for your Protection!


On one of our last Fun Sized episodes, Mike announced the first Radio vs. the Martians! “non-test.” It’s like a contest, just without prizes or promotion, because of our crippling fear that no one would actually enter it.

Thank you for proving Mike wrong!

So, we wanted to see your Frank Miller-style reinterpretations of childhood favorites and all ages media characters.

Who’s Frank Miller, you might ask?

Answers and drawings under the fold!

Well, before he became a professional misanthropic crazy person, Frank Miller was one of the most influential artists and writers in the history of comic books. He’s most famous for his infusion of noir-ish tropes and elements into superheroes. He wrote popular new stories about characters like Batman and Marvel’s Daredevil, reinventing both characters in the 1980s as darker, violent urban avengers in excellent stories like Batman: the Dark Knight Returns, and Daredevil: Born Again.

He’s partially credited with launching the “grim and gritty” craze which dominated comics for well over a decade, and like Miller himself, eventually descended into self-parody and absurdity.

So, as promised, our own Roslyn Townsend contributed her own Miller-ized take on 1990s environmental cartoon hero, Captain Planet.captainplanet roslyn.Listener Paul Caggegi chipped in with this gritty take on British preschool animated character, Peppa Pig PeppaPigPaulHe added:

When Peppa Pig’s family is slaughtered, she vows to take revenge. Her only lead: it was someone she once went to daycare with. Once she loved the world. Now her only love is jumping up and down in BLOODY PUDDLES.

Missy Hagell added her own darker take on Marvel’s Howard the Duck:

HowardMark Weisenberger Calise provided us with his Frank Miller-ized interpretation of the Smurfs:

Miller SmurfsWe’re seriously fucking thrilled to get these responses from you folks… and if you still want to send in your drawings of grim and gritty takes on children’s properties, we’ll continue to post them here!

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