Fun Size Episode 14 – Who Doesn’t Want to See Dwayne Johnson Punch a Hippo?


In a wide-ranging conversation, Mike and Casey talk about whether Jabba the Hutt’s little monkey-rat creature, Salacious Crumb, is a person or a pet, and dig into the sort of bullshit rumors and urban legends that we both fell for in the pre-internet world of our middle school years.

We get into the recently-released Doctor Strange, and the question of diversity in the Ancient One’s casting, and well as the dearth of strongly written villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And finally, Mike really really wants to cast Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in the next big cinematic blockbuster based on a children’s board game.

4 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 14 – Who Doesn’t Want to See Dwayne Johnson Punch a Hippo?

  1. Pardon the obvious here, But Hollywood is Already making Bunches on money on (poorly) “Adapting” the things we loved as kids. Let’s not “Help” them to keep doing it.

    • (Very) rarely these things do pay off. The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was really quite good, so I don’t want to make a blanket rule. I’d love to see this as an excuse to get either Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi to go back to their splatterfest humor horror roots. And James Gunn (Slither, Super and co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy) would be a great screenwriter.

      I’m thinking a tone similar to Dead Alive or Evil Dead 2.

  2. You know, Columbia has a problem with Hippos. Pablo Escobar had a bunch of hippos who got out after his death.
    These Hippos could accidently uncover one of Escobar ‘ s secret drug labs, triggering a feeding frenzy.

    Make this movie.

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