Fun Size Episode 31 – Beauty and Meaning in the Wreckage of Late Stage Capitalism

We sit down with Tom Satwicz to muse on how various fictional interpretations of New York City and New Yorkers have shaped our perceptions of the place and its people. And does Detroit get a bad rap in fiction, or is Michigan part of the Mad Max universe?

We all but plead with you to watch AMC’s Lodge 49,  the greatest television show you’re not watching. How can it be about so many heartbreaking things, and still make you feel better for watching it?

Casey gives his highest possible recommendation to Nicolas Cage’s new bonkers revenge movie, Mandy, that miraculously marries a low brow to high art.

NOTE: Due to a scheduling issue, we’re reversing the release order of our main episode and Fun Size episode this month! Worry not! It’s still on the way!

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 31 – Beauty and Meaning in the Wreckage of Late Stage Capitalism

  1. Interesting that of all the topics you covered here, the one that really stuck in my head, even 3 days after I listened to the show, is Casey mentioning the southern Oregon drawl. It reminded me that that odd, countrified drawl is (or, at least, was) not limited to southern Oregon, but could also be heard eastern Oregon – one of my teachers in 7th and 8th grade was originally from some place near the Idaho border, and would sometimes pronounce certain words with this odd twang – and even the Willamette Valley, where I grew up; a lot of the local farmers, especially older folk, often had this sort of ‘cowboy’ way of talking.

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