Fun Size Episode 32 – Mistakes Were Made

We continue our talk with Sam Mulvey and dig into the questions that try men’s souls. We ponder the repeated use of various firearms in movies, and why laser weapons aren’t nearly as numerous these days.

We dive into the insane and definitely-not-okay animal stunt work of movies past, and marvel at how Donald Pleasence’s pain threshold can be so impossibly high. Plus, we asked our Patreon supporters about their stupid childhood fears, and more!

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 32 – Mistakes Were Made

  1. I would add Jack Nicholson to the list of actors who don’t really play a role but rather play themselves (at least project the same persona over and over again). In his case, I find it really off-putting because unless he’s playing a bad guy he’s really annoying (that’s why I was and still am puzzled by all the love for a movie like “As Good as it Gets” – Helen Hunt’s character falls for the Joker, really, and he won an Oscar for it?! Yuck).

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