Ask Us Anything Right Here!

In the month of December, Mike and Casey will participate in the first Ask Us Anything episode of Radio vs. the Martians!, exclusive to Patreon!

We will answer (nearly) anything you ask us about any topic, even stuff that we don’t normally tackle on the show — about ourselves, the things we believe, opinions (pop culture or otherwise) and anything you’d like to know about us!

Even though the podcast with our answers will be exclusive to our Patreon supporters, we want to open up questions to everyone. Ask a question in the comment thread below to be included in our December podcast.

So…Ask Us Anything! What would you like to know?

16 thoughts on “Ask Us Anything Right Here!

  1. I would love for Mike to recount his Borders Books days. There are a few select stories that are particularly hilarious. Also, what are some non-geek related things you engage in that your listeners might find interesting?

  2. Are there any fandoms (or other groups, I guess) that you’re embarrassed to be (or have been) a part of?

    What is your favourite adaptation of a story from one medium to another? (It doesn’t have to be true to the spirit of the original, of course!)

    Do you guys do anything to unwind that might surprise the listeners? (Does anyone else bake pies, or is that just me?)

  3. Did you get a vasectomy for the other half while they were in there working?

    Did you employ the frozen bag of peas / frozen bag of carrots method during recovery, switching one out for the other when they thawed?

    What are a couple things that you do that scare you? That give you a rush?

  4. If you were to get a care package from Australia, what Ozploitation or normal Aussie movies and foods would you want.

  5. Cancer questions:
    Mike, what’s changed? Outlook? Anything?

    Did you get to see the cancerous testicle? Would you name it? If so, what?

    What’s next for you?

    Am I in your will? I know Casey isn’t. If so, he shouldn’t be.

    QUestion for you both: Funeral Playlists – what songs would you want played at your funeral? What song should I play at mine?

  6. Casey – hardest part of being a dad?

    What’s the thing that’s surprised you most about yourself since becoming a father?

    To you both:

    What is your creative outlet?

    You get to add a third well-known person to your show as a regular – who is it?

    What’s your take on “wokeness”? What is it to you?

  7. What are some of your favorite podcasts and genres? Do you think good host chemistry is more important than subject matter?

  8. What are your feelings about Martin Scorsese’s, and particularly Francis Ford Coppola’s, comments about the MCU not being cinema?

    I realise we’re all sick of hearing about this story but I’m still interested in what you guys have to say.

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