Episode 41 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

At the edge of the Final Frontier, the Universe’s greatest mystery is about to unfold!

This month, we’re strolling the promenade and enjoying a hasperat with camp director for Camp Quest NorthWest, Michael Warbington, and Michel “Siskoid” Albert of the Gimme That Star Trek podcast to delve into the beloved franchise spin-off, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

Widowed Starfleet commander, Benjamin Sisko, is assigned to a derelict space station orbiting a remote planet devastated by decades of military occupation. He expects a thankless humanitarian effort and a poor environment to raise his son alone. But, after a stable wormhole to the other side of the galaxy is discovered in the system, Sisko finds himself and his station – renamed Deep Space Nine –  at the very center of galactic commerce, political conspiracies, religious prophecies, and eventually war.

With a talented and diverse cast, and groundbreaking writing, it redefined what a Star Trek television show could be.

“Main Title/Farewell” from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Dennis McCarthy

6 thoughts on “Episode 41 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. I’m kinda surprised none of you pointed out the obvious question of this entire series: This is called Star TREK, and the entire thing takes place on a space STATION…Isn’t that a little weird?

    • Have you watched any of Star Trek: the Next Generation yet?

      If not, I’d probably start there. Season 3 is where I’d recommend to start. There are some excellent Season 2 episodes like “Measure of a Man,” but it’s rough going at the beginning of that series as it finds its feet.

      I’d probably watch TNG Seasons 3-7 and then do Deep Space Nine. A lot of the Cardassian/Bajoran stuff in D39 is built on a foundation first introduced in TNG episodes, and you’d probably appreciate it more.

      As for Voyager, I mostly find the series disappointing. I like most of the cast, but I always feel that that series takes few risks and usually makes the safest choices possible and never lives up to the promise of the show’s premise.

      • Yeah, it’s probably wise to watch at least some of TNG, preferably the last few seasons, before either DS9 or Voyager.
        And as to Voyager, here’s a second opinion: it’s pretty much my favorite Trek series after the original from the ’60s. Also, if you watch the entirety of Voyager before you ever watch DS9 – which what I ended up doing (out of necessity rather than choice) – you’ll probably less impressed with the latter.

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  3. The episode “where Kira goes off to help a bunch of people whose homes are about to be seized” by the Bajoran government is one of the most absurd of the series. Destroying a habitable moon with Earth-like gravity (which also seems to be what the Bajorans are adapted to, along with all but one planetary species in the galaxy), just for a bit of heat in winter.

    First of all, how does that project not require far more energy than heating the equivalent of a small city? Second, what is the point of Starfleet being there if they can’t even help the Bajorans heat their homes, when the alternative is destroying worlds? Third, how are there no long term consequences both on Bajor and among the outsiders who have now observed what kind of senseless destruction the Bajoran government is capable of?

    Sisko might’ve helped Kira out a bit, but he still lectures her at the end as if following orders is a virtue, even when the orders are insane.

    I liked the more alien core of DS9. But I wonder if they should’ve gone one step further, and not had Starfleet in charge of the station, in order to make more sense out of how little they get involved sometimes. Not every day is Prime Directive Day.

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