Episode 41 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

At the edge of the Final Frontier, the Universe’s greatest mystery is about to unfold!

This month, we’re strolling the promenade and enjoying a hasperat with camp director for Camp Quest NorthWest, Michael Warbington, and Michel “Siskoid” Albert of the Gimme That Star Trek podcast to delve into the beloved franchise spin-off, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

Widowed Starfleet commander, Benjamin Sisko, is assigned to a derelict space station orbiting a remote planet devastated by decades of military occupation. He expects a thankless humanitarian effort and a poor environment to raise his son alone. But, after a stable wormhole to the other side of the galaxy is discovered in the system, Sisko finds himself and his station – renamed Deep Space Nine –  at the very center of galactic commerce, political conspiracies, religious prophecies, and eventually war.

With a talented and diverse cast, and groundbreaking writing, it redefined what a Star Trek television show could be.

“Main Title/Farewell” from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Dennis McCarthy

5 thoughts on “Episode 41 – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. I’m kinda surprised none of you pointed out the obvious question of this entire series: This is called Star TREK, and the entire thing takes place on a space STATION…Isn’t that a little weird?

    • Have you watched any of Star Trek: the Next Generation yet?

      If not, I’d probably start there. Season 3 is where I’d recommend to start. There are some excellent Season 2 episodes like “Measure of a Man,” but it’s rough going at the beginning of that series as it finds its feet.

      I’d probably watch TNG Seasons 3-7 and then do Deep Space Nine. A lot of the Cardassian/Bajoran stuff in D39 is built on a foundation first introduced in TNG episodes, and you’d probably appreciate it more.

      As for Voyager, I mostly find the series disappointing. I like most of the cast, but I always feel that that series takes few risks and usually makes the safest choices possible and never lives up to the promise of the show’s premise.

      • Yeah, it’s probably wise to watch at least some of TNG, preferably the last few seasons, before either DS9 or Voyager.
        And as to Voyager, here’s a second opinion: it’s pretty much my favorite Trek series after the original from the ’60s. Also, if you watch the entirety of Voyager before you ever watch DS9 – which what I ended up doing (out of necessity rather than choice) – you’ll probably less impressed with the latter.

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