Fun Size Episode 4 – A Discussion About Sam’s Feelings


In the first of two Fun Size discussions this month, we sit down with Rebecca Friedman and debate the merits and popularity of post-apocalyptic fiction and video games, and why absent panelist (and spouse) Sam Mulvey will probably never discuss it on the show.

Is the genre inevitably juvenile, and does its recent popularity speak ill of us as a society? Disagreement follows.

[NOTE: Some Fallout 4 spoilers]

5 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 4 – A Discussion About Sam’s Feelings

  1. they blurt out fallout 4 spoilers. I know this doesn’t help anyone with a podcatcher but avoid if you have yet to finish or start fallout 4.

  2. Dark futures, bright futures, I don’t really mind either way, as long there are good people at the center of the story. Star Trek with self-obsessed, human rights violating “the ends justify the means” protagonists, is worse than Mad Max with socialists.

    When the heroes of the story suck, or fail to recognize what kind of monsters they’re hanging out with, and the show doesn’t acknowledge it or isn’t otherwise absurd enough to make it not a big deal, it takes me out of the story. I have to question what message the authors want to come across. Whether they think that this is actually how people should behave.

    I’ve said before that I hope Sam is on the panel for the BSG episode. Apparently, the last time I listened to this episode, I didn’t pick up on how he reacted to binging that series. Which doesn’t take away from him being an ideal panelist, but it would be understandable if he doesn’t want to delve quite that much into it again.

    And yes, one season is a serving (but not literally a sitting). I just watched the first season of Ducktales 2017, and had to take a break because of too much awesome. Watch some other stuff in between, lower the expectations a bit, in case the second season doesn’t live up to the first. Of course, the first one had a nostalgia boost, which is difficult to keep up.

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