Episode 32 – The Flintstones by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh

Yabba Dabba Doo.

In another one of our Single Serving Selections, it’s time to pull on the little bird’s tail and slide down the brontosaurus’ neck for a chat with Tobiah Panshin of the View from the Gutters comic book podcast. This month we’re talking a deep dive into the DC Comics 2016 gritty reboot of Hanna Barbera’s modern stone age family in The Flintstones.

We explore how Mark Russell and Steve Pugh took a 1960s animated sitcom about cavemen in the suburbs, and turned it into one of the most surprising comic book series of the past decade, with equal parts humor, biting social satire, and existential dread. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; and you’ll never look at your appliances the same way again.

One thought on “Episode 32 – The Flintstones by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh

  1. Great episode! Also really timely, because I just read the whole run of this series (have it in digital format) and quite enjoyed it. Not as much as you all seemed to, but I found it very entertaining.
    My personal favorite story was also the one with the worker trapped under the rubble and debris, and yes, that whole sub-plot with the “appliances” was downright dark.
    However, I have to say, though, that I still enjoy occasionally watching the original cartoons…

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