Fun Size Episode 42 – Hey, I Know That!

We chat a bit with Tobiah Panshin about that great intangible that gets people’s ire up: Fan Service!

What is it? Why is it used as a pejorative? Is it ever a welcome thing? Why does it both delight and frustrate? Amuse and Annoy? We delve into the wherefores and whyfores and try to figure it all out.

Note: This episode was recorded before our last Fun Size episode in October, and we hadn’t seen Joker yet.

One thought on “Fun Size Episode 42 – Hey, I Know That!

  1. Fascinating discussion! I agree with your point that fan service works best as easter eggs. For me I’m turned off when something tries to beat me over the head with it. Like, idk, resurrecting Palpatine, thus undercutting the climax of eps 4-6?? Also I appreciated “People manage amazing feats of obliviousness.” Imho the engine of modern society is cognitive dissonance. Anyhoo thanks guys!

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