Fun Size Episode 44 – Walking With Dom

We sit down with the notoriously Trek-skeptical Sam Mulvey to give our first reactions to the first episode of Star Trek: Picard. Is it what we wanted, and have modern iterations of Trek changed so much — or have become so rigid — that they’re just not for us anymore?

We talk about fake click-bait pop culture new sites, the trend that the lead-ups to movie releases are now even longer than the Presidential election, and wonder why so many fans are seemingly unable or unwilling to see the humanity of robotic and android fictional characters.

Also, Mike makes a desperate attempt to convince Sam that the Fast and the Furious franchise is something he might enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 44 – Walking With Dom

  1. Man you guys are funny. Great show. I related to Sam in that I’m in deep in fandom on some things and less so on others. Personally my collecting days are behind me, but it’s fun to be taken back to the time when superheroes fulfilled the role of mythology.

  2. So the cars in FF are to the main cast what gold coins are to Scrooge McDuck.

    Star Trek: Picard turned out alright, great in parts. The interview scene was one of the very best parts, because it makes it clear who Picard is (and what Starfleet and the Federation should be about). It’s far superior to all the speeches in Discovery, where there’s no connection between who they are and who they claim to be.

    Mulgrew could’ve been playing two different characters on Voyager. Maybe they could’ve both been good, consistent characters. Instead of this lunatic who makes all the other characters appear worse, for how they fail to recognize her erratic, dangerous, and more than once outright villainous behavior.

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