Hex & Violence Episode 0 – Who is Jonah Hex?


He was a hero to some, a villain to others… and wherever he rode people spoke his name in whispers. He had no friends, this Jonah Hex, but he did have two companions: one was death itself… the other, the acrid smell of gunsmoke.

In our series prologue, Mike and Casey get into their mutual love of a largely unknown comic book character: DC’s western anti-hero, Jonah Hex.

We get into the character’s origins, his lasting appeal and why this merciless bounty hunter with a hideous facial scar has outlived the genre that spawned him.

2 thoughts on “Hex & Violence Episode 0 – Who is Jonah Hex?

  1. I ended up listening to these in reverse order (because I didn’t notice there was a “0” episode initially), so I’ll leave my comment here.
    Like the new series and enjoyed both episodes, even though I haven’t read much of Hex myself (just a few random issues in the late ’70s/early ’80s). Looked forward to future installments, whenever they may come…

    By the way, the film-maker Max and the comics writer (now anthropologist, apparently) Michael are both named Fleischer, but they are not at all related as far as I know.

  2. The tragedy of Hex caring about people, and why he adopts his hard-boiled demeanor is that anyone he successfully befriends usually has a terrible fate in store for them.
    The reason he pretends not to care about people is that he cares about people, and he doesn’t want them to suffer the inevitable fate of those he comes to care for.

    “Well, I don’t like you. I hate you. Hate you like Poison!”

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