Fun Size Episode 39 – How Could We Forget Odo?

In the aftermath of our Deep Space Nine panel, we rejoin Michael Warbington and Siskoid to talk a little about the stuff we wish we had gotten a chance to mention.

We talk holographic club owner, Vic Fontaine. Is he the greatest creation of artificial intelligence in the Trek universe, topping even Data? How did the show tackle thorny topics like racism? And has the show been excluded from the recent wave of 1990s nostalgia?

Plus, we look ahead with a pair of Trek fans at the fact that both Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard are going somewhere that excites us: The future. Well, their future.

5 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 39 – How Could We Forget Odo?

  1. So I feel like I’m going against a lot of people but I really did like Star trek Enterprise. Of course that was the Star trek round my formative teen years as well so… Also I think that theme for Enterprise is the most hopeful of any of the Star trek themes.

  2. No discussion of Odo? Fine by me. While DS9 isn’t my favorite Trek, I still like it – however, two things I didn’t like about it are 1) Odo and 2) Vic Fontaine and that whole holodeck program that housed him. I’ll just leave it at that…

    On the other hand, I totally agree with Siskoid’s point when talking about the Picard series: yes, it’s high past time to *finally* move the franchise forward – I so want something Trek that takes place after the events of Voyager.

  3. This was great! I found myself laughing quite a few times. I’m a total Trekkie. Watched the original as a kid, then all of the spin offs, with my favorite being Enterprize. Truth is I was busy and didn’t even know about Discovery, but found it w/voice on my Xfinity TV remote. Thanks!
    This was the first podcast of yours I listened to, you made me laugh, so I will donate.. Good luck & God Bless

    • Thanks for the kind words, Nancy! Thanks for listening! We have a number of Trek-themed episodes to check out.

      How did you find our podcast?

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