Episode 45 – Willow

Adventure doesn’t come any bigger than this.

We’re back in the studio and ready to cross swords with Tobiah Panshin, the author of The Game Master: A Guide to the Art and Theory of Roleplaying, and dive into George Lucas and Ron Howard’s high fantasy tale of magic and child endangerment: Willow!

When a diminutive farmer, Willow Ufgood, finds a baby princess prophesied to destroy the evil Queen Bavmorda, he is recruited by magical forces to be the child’s guardian. Now, aided by a roguish swordsman, a wise sorceress, and an annoying pair of impish brownies, Willow must overcome his fears and save the entire realm from evil.

One thought on “Episode 45 – Willow

  1. As a non-parent, I wasn’t bothered by any of fake baby peril. But when there’s a real baby on set, even if the sound might be fake, that’s not an actor or a prop, and that can be iffy. I would’ve preferred it if they didn’t cut to the baby at all, during some of the scenes.

    Sorsha was a prop. She stopped being an independent character as soon as she was creeped up on in bed.

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