Mike Makes an Appearance on the “Give Me Those Star Wars” Podcast!


Mike made an appearance on Ryan Daly‘s Give Me Those Star Wars podcast to talk about his favorite Star Wars character, Lando Calrissian!

We get into the charming gambler’s appeal, how he brought a refreshing degree of moral ambiguity to a galaxy far, far, away, and why Mike says he’s the real hero of the Empire Strikes Back.

He’s one part Clark Gable, one part Bret Maverick, and one-hundred percent awesome.

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Casey Appears on the Film and Water Podcast!


Casey makes his first appearance on Rob Kelly‘s Film and Water Podcast, to talk about his favorite movie of all time: Blade Runner.

They get into the film’s slow burn noir-ish take on science fiction, its lush and timeless world-building, and how its status as a landmark of motion pictures overcame the numerous issues that went into its production.

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Casey Returns to the Video Game Break Podcast!

Vault Boy

Casey makes a second appearance on our friend Carlos Rodela‘s Video Game Break Podcast! This time, to discuss Bethesda’s newest installment in their signature post-apocalyptic open world RPG series, Fallout 4!

They swap their stories of their Fallout 4 experiences, the self-directed open world game experience, and sheer massive scale of the game’s Commonwealth Wasteland setting. So, grab a Nuka-Cola and start blowing the legs off of some feral ghouls!

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Mike is Back on the Film and Water Podcast!


Mike makes a third appearance on Rob Kelly‘s Film and Water Podcast, to talk about the 1978 George A. Romero horror classic largely credited with the creation of the zombie apocalypse genre: Dawn of the Dead.

We get into the film’s graphic violence, scathing humor, timely social commentary, and often incredibly downbeat tone. And why this movie has stood the test of time as the quintessential zombie movie.

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Mike Makes a Guest Appearance on the Secret Origins Podcast!


Mike makes a guest appearance on Ryan Daly‘s Secret Origins Podcast, highlighting DC Comics’ classic anthology series from the 1980s.

In this episode, he joins Ryan and fellow guest Tim Wallace to talk about Mike’s favorite DC character, western anti-hero Jonah Hex! We dig into the character’s publication history, his botched 2011 film adaptation, and his lasting appeal as the nastiest son of a bitch in the world.

From his classic status quo as an Old West bounty hunter to his brief sojourn into a Mad Max-style post apocalypse, Jonah Hex continues to be the most successful Western comic book character of all time.

Check it out!

Mike and Casey Return to the Jet City Comic Show!

jetcitycomicshowWe’re coming back to Tacoma’s Jet City Comic Show on the weekend of Saturday, October 31, and Sunday November 1st — our first two-day convention appearance!

Feel free to drop by our booth, and chat us up about all things pop culture-y! We’ll have plenty of Halloween candy and show sampler CDs, to spread the podcast love!

We’re at Exhibitor Booth #314, which you can find here on the show floor map! Just look for our banners!

Hope to see you there!

Miller-ized for your Protection!


On one of our last Fun Sized episodes, Mike announced the first Radio vs. the Martians! “non-test.” It’s like a contest, just without prizes or promotion, because of our crippling fear that no one would actually enter it.

Thank you for proving Mike wrong!

So, we wanted to see your Frank Miller-style reinterpretations of childhood favorites and all ages media characters.

Who’s Frank Miller, you might ask?

Answers and drawings under the fold!

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Mike is Back on the Fire and Water Podcast!


Mike comes back with a fourth appearance on the Fire and Water Podcast!

This time, Mike joins co-host Rob Kelly ‘s Film and Water Podcast spin-off to talk about the highly underrated sixth James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

We get into the film’s back story, it’s top notch action sequences, and the performances of leads George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, and Telly Savalas. We talk about ski chases, the movies impact on popular culture, why it deserves a better reputation, and Mike’s man-crush on Savalas’ interpretation of supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Join us!

Podcasta la Vista, Baby!


The hosts of Radio vs. the Martians! are proud — no, we’re downright giddy — to announce our newest addition to the podcast.

Starting in October, we’re going to do something special. About twice a year, we’ll take a break from our regular monthly panels. In their place, Mike and Casey will to be joined by a guest to celebrate the cinematic library of America’s greatest Austrian import: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Our new podcast, Podcasta la Vista, Baby! will be a movie-by-movie examination of this thespian, bodybuilder and statesman, as he punches, shoots, flexes, and catch-phrases his way to box office domination.

The new show will appear on the regular RvtM podcast feed, so you won’t have to hunt it down, and it’ll join our regular panel episodes, “point 5” mini-episodes, and our Fun Size episodes, to diversify our output with a meaty helping of absurd macho bullshit.

More will be announced soon, and I know you folks will love it as much as we do!

Upcoming Episode Topics


Here is a look ahead at our future episode topics for the rest of the year. Please bear in mind that these topics are extremely tentative. They can — and likely will — change according to availability of our panelists and completely arbitrary reasons.

JUNE Watchmen

JULYFun Size Episode (Double-sized and released in two parts!)

AUGUST Twin Peaks


OCTOBER —  Podcasta La Vista, Baby!  Episode 1 – the Running Man

NOVEMBER Star Trek: the Next Generation


EDIT: Updated schedule – November 2, 2015

Mike Returns to the Fire and Water Podcast!


Mike returns for a third appearance on the Fire and Water Podcast, this time to co-host Rob Kelly’s film-centric Film and Water Podcast spin-off. And this time, they’re on a mission from God.

They discuss the 1980 comedy/musical/car chase mayhem movie, the Blues Brothers. Dan Aykroyd! John Belushi! Ray Charles! Aretha Franklin! Carrie Fisher with a rocket launcher! Neo Nazis, irate country western bands and every cop car in the state of Illinois!


Mike is Back on the Fire and Water Podcast!


Mike recently sat down and recorded a guest appearance on the Fire and Water Podcast with its co-host Rob Kelly – the graphic designer behind our cool panelist Bio pictures!

Their topic: the Aliens franchise — for a start. From there, they bled into a discussion about all sorts of things pop culture-y and nerdy.


Help the Hatchers!


A member of the Radio vs. the Martians! family needs your help!

Greg and Julie Hatcher are two of our favorite people.

They don’t have a lot of money, but are heroically generous with their time and work. Greg has been an invaluable panelist and a wonderful columnist for Comic Book Resources. And his wife Julie is truly one of the nicest people we’ve ever met.

For a long time now, Greg has worked as a part-time writer and part-time Middle School art teacher, and Julie was recently laid off from her job, which provided their health insurance.

The good news is that even on unemployment, she could still get health insurance and they still kept their heads above water. And even better, Julie recently got two job offers. She accepted the best one, and had to turn down the second.

And then, the company that hired her — but hadn’t committed the job offer to paper — decided that they didn’t want to hire someone after all. And the second job that she’d turned down had already been filled.

Julie, who is physically incapable of lying, told this to the unemployment office — that she’d had to turn down a job. So her unemployment benefits have been dropped. They can no longer afford Julie’s medication and are in a lot of trouble.

The unemployment office is going to sort it out. But it’ll take a few weeks.

The problem is that real life isn’t going to wait for a few weeks. Greg and Julie have to pay for food and ultilities and medicine. And that simply cannot wait.

So, Greg and Julie need your help. Fellow CBR veteran Jim MacQuarrie has set up a GoFundMe site for Greg and Julie, and we’d like to ask you to help out.

They’re going to be auctioning off some really cool books and comics for donors, but either way, drop them a few bucks.

On our show, Greg has continued to share his time and experiences and stories as a panelist for free. And he needs your help.

Meet Us at the Jet City Comic Show on November 8th!


Hey folks, Radio vs. the Martians! is making its first convention appearance!

Mike Gillis and Casey Doran will be joined by fellow panelist Sam Mulvey at the Jet City Comics Show in scenic Downtown Tacoma, Washington on Saturday, November 8th from 10 am until 5pm.

We’re going to be chatting with attendees and getting the word out about the podcast! We’ll be sitting in Artist Alley at Table #J-05, which is right here.

So, please drop by, say hi, and check out our new banners! Remember! All sanity, free will and the fate of Crystal Pepsi rests on you stopping by!

See you there!