Fun Size Episode 11 – Why Would Daredevil Need a Flashlight?


Mike and Casey sit down with Jeremy Whitman to try to wrap our brains about two strange things that defy description and even logic.

First is a used book Mike snatched up at work — possibly written by someone on an F.B.I. watch list — that is a far-too-comprehensive instructional manual for beating the shit out of people with a maglite flashlight.

And then Mike and Casey try to decompress from the experience of recently watching Nicolas Winding Refn’s bizarre new film, “The Neon Demon.”

Because…holy shit, you guys.

One thought on “Fun Size Episode 11 – Why Would Daredevil Need a Flashlight?

  1. I assume, working in a used bookstore, you are familiar with Paladin Press. I checked to see if this was one of their books (it’s not); but, it’s the kind of thing they put out. They published things like how to turn a 2 liter soda bottle into a silencer and How To Bee A Hitman, which led to a lawsuit against them, after someone used the book to commit a murder (the publisher won). I looked this particular book on Amazon. It probably was advertised in Guns ‘n’ Ammo; a review mentioned it was recommended by Maas Ayoob, who is a writer for the gun magazines and related books (the things you pick up after 20 years of bookselling).

    When I was a teenager, I was reading the Mack Bolan books and bought a pair of camoflauge pants (camo was in, in the mid-80s) and suddenly found myself on the survivalist mailing list. Apart from the Banana Republic catalog (back when they sold safari wear and Indiana Jones hats and jackets), most were a bit disturbing. Paladin Press’ catalog was a lot disturbing. Judging by their covers, the marauders were coming through your door at any moment. Paladin later distributed, if not published, The Turner Diaries, along with books about ninja mind control (written by white American’s, using Asian names).

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