Fun Size Episode 25 – Fuck You, It’s Hitler!

We continue our chat with friend Patrick Johnson to chat about some actor faces’ leave them with little choice but to be cast as villains, and how sometimes playing against type can be great.

We debate the merits of the new Duncan Jones Netflix feature, Mute. And then, we take a critical look at the new Bruce Willis-helmed Death Wish remake, and why this probably isn’t the best time to release it.

And finally, we are puzzled by the weird surge of conservative media voices and fans being horribly offended by what they see as the unfair treatment of Nazis, the KKK and racist characters as villains in popular entertainment. Our hot take? Nazis are fucking assholes.

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 25 – Fuck You, It’s Hitler!

  1. Great, man, just great. Can’t you guys keep your discussions to radio and Martians and stuff like that?! Just want to listen to a pop culture podcast without having all of that SJW snowflake crap shoved down my throat…

    By the way, I really liked The Ladykillers, and think it’s definitely worth seeing if you like Cohen brothers movies. Conversely, I really didn’t like Intolerable Cruelty – it’s basically a middling rom-com.

  2. The lack of character development is the downside with having Nazis in your story.

    I wasn’t going to watch Inglourious Basterds, because of how it was advertised with “killing Nazis”. Well, I’ve seen that before. Doesn’t sound very interesting. Until you guys made it sound like it had some deeper meaning to it, including by connecting it to Jonah Hex, who makes the choice for himself to not take off the uniform. But it’s the opposite of Jonah Hex.

    I would prefer it if they made stories about present day fascists, like when Superman took on the KKK back in the day. Don’t leave it up to people to identify themselves with historical Nazis if they want to take offense. Show them and show the world who they are now.

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