Podcasta la Vista, Baby! Episode 14 – Red Heat

Moscow’s toughest detective. Chicago’s craziest cop. There’s only one thing worse than making them mad. Making them partners.

It’s time to feed our parakeet and reacquaint ourselves with Miranda laws — even if the Soviet method is more economical — because it’s time to go back to the decade where Schwarzenegger reigned supreme: the 1980s. We’re joined by our friend Patrick Johnson to dive into a Cold War buddy cop action/comedy: Red Heat.

Soviet supercop Ivan Danko lands in Chicago to extradite Viktor “Rosta” Rostavili, the Russian drug lord who killed his partner. But after a bloody escape, Danko must join forces with Detective Art Ridzik, a crude and reckless American cop, to bring down Viktor and avenge both of their partners.

3 thoughts on “Podcasta la Vista, Baby! Episode 14 – Red Heat

  1. Never saw this all the way through in one sitting; I caught parts of it, like most of the first half, and then most of the last half, several times on TV over the years. In those parts I did see, Belushi is completely forgettable. I’d agree that the initial sequence, with the bathhouse fight scene, is the best part of it.
    …I also love that this site now has tags for “arnold nudity,” “hooligani,” and “i want to punch james belushi.”

    • You may be happy to click on “arnold nudity” and see that this isn’t the first time we’ve used that tag!

      • Yeah, when I thought about it (i.e., all of the Terminator films covered here), it made me say “duh” to myself…

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