Fun Size Episode 53 – Rest in Piss, You Piece of Shit

In our latest plot to lose any conservative listeners, we’re back!

We’re chatting with Joe Preti, who offers his defense of the much-maligned and frequently buggy Cyberpunk 2077. We dig into the often unreasonable expectations of both gamers and game companies, and why the video game industry exploits their workers and releases unfinished, broken games.

Is online gaming inevitably toxic and ugly? Are we doomed to racism, selfish teammates and endless griefing? Can we bake solutions into the programming of the games themselves?

And why does it seem like everyone on the political Far-Right from Ben Shapiro to Steve Bannon to Adolf Hitler, is a medicore failed artist, movie producer or screenwriter?

And we say goodbye to a dead radio icon with all of the respect and dignity he deserves.

NOTE: The Skype audio was not up to our usual standards, but we still think it’s listenable. Our apologies! No apologies are offered to Rush Limbaugh.

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 53 – Rest in Piss, You Piece of Shit

  1. To answer your question about far-right ghouls and failure, I think there’s a case to be made that there’s a correlation between failure and fascism. Besides the examples you cited, we need look no farther than the now thankfully ex-US president (and his progeny, but esp. the eldest son) for further confirmation of that hypothesis.

    As for the recently-deceased radio icon (I refuse to even type his loathsome name), that was a very righteous rant, Mike. I undersign every word, and I would add another point to the people calling for ‘civility’ – he used to have a segment on his show listing, and mocking, people who died of AIDS. F*** that guy…

  2. Good god, Mike, this is such a pithy quote: “The poisonous thing with nostalgia, though, is that it’s not just a desire to go back to a simpler time: it’s a desire to go back to a time when you were simpler.”

    Great episode all ’round!

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