Fun Size Episode 33 – Give Rob Kelly Some Money!

In the afterglow of WrestleMania, we rejoin Morgan Lambert to talk about the mixed results of professional wrestlers becoming Hollywood actors, and wonder why it’s so hard for Dwayne Johnson to get a movie project worthy of his charisma.

Plus, we talk about the latest in wrestling scandals, including Hulk Hogan’s bigotry, and the WWE’s continued business relationship with an authoritarian regime that hacked up a dissident journalist.

We talk about the charming culture shock of consuming Japanese media. Their pro wrestling customs, katakana sound effects in manga, quite possibly the greatest soap opera of all time, in the form of a series of Sakeru Gummy commercials.

We chat about the recent expansion of the American public domain and lament our draconian copyright laws.

Oh, and the Wizards of the Harry Potter world are fucking disgusting monsters.

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 33 – Give Rob Kelly Some Money!

  1. “Long, looooong man!” Seriously, that is an entire season of a soap opera whittled down to about six minutes. It’s like the video equivalent one of those 5-word stories/novels.

    Otherwise, I have to say I’m in complete agreement with Mike: no matter what kind of magic or (per Casey) transporter technology is involved, there’s no way I’d ever intentionally do my business on myself…

  2. Presumably the French castle thing in Harry Potter is like the French castle thing where they did “relieve themselves” wherever, but dropping their pants first, not into their pants like Mike is assuming. So pooping on the ground and then vanishing it.

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