Fun Size Episode 41 – Clown Ronin

We sit down some more with Patrick Johnson to share our mixed feelings about Todd Phillips’ bleak and controversial Joker film.

We dig a bit into the film’s strong lead performance by Joaquin Phoenix and its very on-its-sleeve cinematic inspirations from films like Taxi Driver, Death Wish and the King of Comedy, and try to figure out whether it actually works or not. Does it transcend both its pastiche elements and its comic book origins, or is it a well-made and ambitious mess?

The answer is…complicated.

1 thought on “Fun Size Episode 41 – Clown Ronin

  1. Haven’t seen this, but I liked the discussion anyway and found it very informative (and, as usual, entertaining). In that regard, I think I want to see this movie even less now than I did before I listened to the show.

    By the way, I’m not sure I totally agree with your assessment of Batman: Year 1, i.e., that that’s as far toward the realistic end of the spectrum you can go without breaking the concept. While it’s a good story on it’s own, I think it does pass the breaking point, so that I don’t even think of it as a canonical Batman story (it’s focus is more on Jim Gordon anyway). So it’s odd to me that it became the new, post-COIE canonical origin story. To me – and I realize I’m showing my age here – the Batman canon was laid down by Len Wein in the Untold Legend of Batman back in 1980.

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