Fun Size Episode 51 – Existential Dread and Animal Puns

It’s a Captain Picard Day miracle!

After a five-month hiatus, we’re back….ish. We’re broadcasting remotely with KTQA Radio‘s Sam Mulvey and trying to shake some of the cobwebs out.

Casey meets a wild Keanu and we wonder ponder again the magical unicorn nature of his celebrity namesake. And on the opposite end of the moral spectrum, we predict the inevitable airlock assassination of future space-despot Elon Musk.

We try to unpack media Copaganda, our changing relationship with police-centric media and lament how a lot of the progress made in this year’s uprisings against police violence have slowly rolled back.

Sam fills us in on the radio station he’s been building, and we talk about all the media we’ve been watching and reading from our protective bunkers, trapped in a world we never made.

Also! We have a Discord server now! Join us!

4 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 51 – Existential Dread and Animal Puns

  1. Welcome back! Nice surprise to hear your theme, and an episode with three of my favorite podcasters, when listening through my podcast feeds unseen.

  2. First, man, I miss new content from you guys. I just really miss hearing you guys … *sniff*.

    On the topic of internal affairs, by the way, it’s not entirely true that it’s never shown in a positive light in popular media. I can think of two examples off the top of my head: First, there’s actually a 1990 film called Internal Affairs, starring Andy Garcia, in which he and Roseanne’s sister are IA officers who take down a very vile rogue cop played by Richard Gere (who’s *really* good at playing a bad guy by the way). And in mid-1990s movie called Night Falls on Manhattan (also, coincidentally, with Garcia in the starring role), which deals with police brutality and the NYPD, there are scenes in which IA really aggressively goes after cops engaged in some kind of conspiracy of silence. The problem with these, though, is that they’re kind of fantasy version that we get in all of the other copaganda, i.e., these IA guys are shown doing what we wish they’d do, when I believe in reality most IA units are as much about actually covering up police misdeeds as they are about uncovering it and sanctioning the officers involved.
    As to the Sopranos, yeah, I agree with Sam that a panel show on the series might indeed be quite interesting. I have to say that for my part, I enjoyed most of it and agree with your assessments, but I still found that last half-season really hard to watch. It just became so relentlessly dark that I had to force myself to get to the last episode, i.e., it seemed to lose that black humor element that made watching a show about a bunch of toxic hyper-masculine sociopaths more palatable.,

    Oh, and Casey, if you’re looking for kid-friendly comics for an 8 year-old, I’d recommend a series of graphic novels called Zita the Spacegirl, by Ben Hatke. There’s three books in the series, and they are absolutely delightful. I know it’s something I would have eaten up when I was eight (and, obviously, still enjoyed immensely as an adult).

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