Episode 50 – The Green Knight

“Honor. That is why a knight does what he does.”

With the New Year, we’re on a knightly quest to the Green Chapel to trade blows with returning guest Tobiah Panshin of the View from the Gutters podcast, to dive into David Lowery’s visually stunning and unorthodox adaptation of a 14th century Arthurian legend, The Green Knight.

When the supernatural Green Knight issues a yuletide challenge for any of Camelot’s bravest knights to try to land a blow on him — and receive an equal strike in return one Christmas later — King Arthur’s flawed and reckless nephew Gawain accepts without thinking. Easily decapitating his compliant foe, Gawain sees the Green Knight immediately rise again and remind him of his obligation one year hence. Embarking on a quest to the mysterious Green Chapel, Gawain contends with ghosts, giants and his own selfish nature, to see if he can live up to his promise — even if it might mean his certain death.

1 thought on “Episode 50 – The Green Knight

  1. As usual, I enjoyed the conversation even if I haven’t (yet) seen the movie in question. But I’m also delighted about learning something new at the end of the show: I’ve always wondered why Tobiah’s surname had a familiar ring to it, and when he said his dad is Alexei Panshin it was like someone had flicked a light-switch in my brain. I had heard of him before, and even recall coming across one or two of his books when browsing in used bookstores. So now – even though I have a crippling backlog of books to read – I just went and found a copy of Rite of Passage to buy online.
    And if he reads these comments: I hope your dad’s feeling better.

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