Fun Size Episode 12 – I’m Just Here for Ka-Ching!


We continue our talk with Matt Goodman and Matthew Amster-Burton, and get into topics ranging from advertising characters transitioning into movie characters, and why the ultimate thing an actor can do is be photographed holding a skull.

We also get into weird meta-fiction in everything from Batman to Kurt Vonnegut to Will Ferrell movies, where the author themselves become characters directing the action.

Plus, we look at the renewed optimism — both in and about — Star Trek. Not only the return of the utopian aspirational science fiction future, but also how Justin Lin may have course-corrected a second movie franchise with Star Trek Beyond.

2 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 12 – I’m Just Here for Ka-Ching!

  1. Well, Mike, you may have remembered Jim Aparo’s name eventually, but I still don’t know if I can find it in my heart to forgive you for simply forgetting the name of arguably the best Batman artist ever.

    I love the “sweater” movie concept by the way, and I think it can be expanded to at least include comics. There’s quite a few sweater comics I’ve read. Anyway, for me the whole rebooted Star Trek has been kind of sweater franchise. I liked the first one well enough (although I never saw the point in a reboot, and still don’t), but after that second, atrocious installment, I really started to increasingly actively dislike the entire concept. However, I’ve not yet seen Beyond, but based on your positive assessment, I’ll try to keep an open mind when I do eventually get around to seeing it.

  2. ‘Star Trek Beyond’ is wonderful.
    The crew works together. The victory is based on having a superior ideology, not a bigger gun. And the crux of the story is about Going Where No-One Has Gone Before, with a specific view towards Trying To Help.
    For me, it’s the best thing called ‘Star Trek’ since the Original Series.

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