Episode 17 – A Childhood Sense of Wonder


Hold on to your butts!

Mike and Casey are stocking up on Reese’s Pieces and heading to Devil’s Tower to compare scars with sound engineer Scott Kramer (the Expendables, Transparent) and the composer of our show’s theme song, Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto! We’re talking about the filmmaker whose influence defined big budget cinema for an entire generation, Steven Spielberg!

From Jurassic Park to E.T., and Jaws to Raiders of the Lost Ark, few filmmakers have had the impact on movies as both an art and an industry like Spielberg. We discuss his evolution as a storyteller, director and producer. We debate his legacy among film purists, mainstream audiences and critics.

“End Credits” from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial  by John Williams

2 thoughts on “Episode 17 – A Childhood Sense of Wonder

  1. Wonderful episode, I thoroughly enjoyed it. However – and I know it’s such a big topic and you could have gone on for hours – I was kind of hoping the esteemed panel would have talked about some of Spielberg’s earliest efforts which I quite enjoyed, mainly Duel and The Sugarland Express. I’m really interested in what other people think of these, as they rarely get discussed, especially the latter.

    • I really really like Duel. It’s one of those movies with a really simple premise, but an engaging one. It’s sadly one that not a lot of people have seen. I wish we’d gotten the chance to talk about it on the show!

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