Fun Size Episode 29 – Fighting the Adam West Fight

We jump back into the fray with Greg Hatcher, to talk debate the merits of Star Trek Discovery, the future of the franchise and what we want from a Trek property.

We also look at the trailer for the new streaming Titans series, and wonder why such a fun property would want to be dour and overserious. Why do so many fans –and even creators — just miss the point?

3 thoughts on “Fun Size Episode 29 – Fighting the Adam West Fight

  1. What an enjoyable conversation, gentlemen.
    I found the debate on ST: Discovery quite interesting, even though I’ve yet to see any of it – although, having learned that it somehow involves the mirror universe makes me groan a bit. That idea was so awesome in that single episode of the original series. I found every other subsequent use of it in DS9 and then Enterprise quite tiresome (the sole notable exception is that one episode of Star Trek Continues, which is probably not deemed canon). Anyway, I sympathize more with Casey’s view here, and I’m generally in no hurry to watch Discovery.
    On the other hand, I’m completely on the same page as Greg with regard to both John Carter and Legend of Tarzan. The former in particular I simply loved to pieces – I thought it perfectly conveyed everything good about Burroughs’ Barsoomian stories onto the screen.

    • Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: since you guys brought up the subject of anthology-type Trek stories and IDW’s various titles in this vein, I have to mention the various IDW Trek minis done by John Byrne – the ones with the Romulans, Dr. McCoy and the mysterious officer we only know as No. 1 in the original Trek pilot (and played by Majel Barrett) are particularly good.

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