Episode 48 – Sin City

“I grab myself one last lungful of night air. Then I trade it in for a smoky soup spiced with sweat and vomit and booze and blood. I know the flavor well.”

After more than two years, we’re back with another panel episode! And this month, we’re tossing back some cheap booze at Kadie’s Saloon and making some bad decisions with Joe Preti, and Kit DeForge, and get our filthy mitts on Frank Miller’s hyper-stylized, two-fisted neo-noir comics franchise that defined all things grim and gritty in the 1990s: Sin City!

After a rise to comics superstardom with Daredevil and Batman, Frank Miller turned his trademarked hard-boiled style up to eleven with a series of interconnected hyperbolic crime stories, set in the fun house mirror world of Basin City, a desert town populated entirely by lowlifes, mobsters, prostitutes, corrupt businessmen, assassins, creeps, killers, crooked cops, dirty politicians, and one hulking unkillable brute named Marv.

Illustrated in a stunning highly contrasted black and white, Sin City was a perfect distillation of everything comics readers loved and hated about the comics of a controversial and often problematic master of the craft.

“Cool Vibes” from Film Noire by Kevin MacLeod

2 thoughts on “Episode 48 – Sin City

  1. Wow, it’s so nice to hear a full panel show again! And an ideal line-up of guests as well…
    Sin City is something I’ve never read; I saw the (first) movie many years ago, and liked it well enough, but not enough to go seek out the comics. The thing is, I kind of hit my “not interested in anything new by Miller” point back in the ancient times, when I first read DKR not long after the first tpb collection was published back in the 1980s. I liked it well enough, but didn’t *love* it the way so many did then and later, and for me nothing Miller did matched his original run on Daredevil (didn’t like Ronin or even DD Born Again as much as everyone else, either). My opinion of DKR, by the way, didn’t change much when I re-read it about 5-6 years ago.
    So anyway, when Sin City came out, even if it had not been during my long hiatus from comics, I probably would have been skeptical about picking it up. It’s a testament to everyone’s knowledge and enthusiasm that you have got me interested in possibly seeking it out – although I don’t know when I’ll get around to it, as the local libraries only have the first tpb available (everything else is in Croatian translation).
    By the way, on the topic of brutalist architecture – man, I’ve been living in a former socialist country since the early 1990s. I’ve got a really different perspective on that style…

    Again, great show everyone. Looking forward to the next panel.

    • I’m always delighted to check back months later on comments after an episode, even if I’m not more active, Edo. I’d love to hear your take on the architectural interpretations we hold here!
      It is the highest compliment to think someone would hear our conversation and give enough of a damn to reconsider their other experiences with a book or movie. Even if it took me ages, please give us a read on this! I’ve been all over the board on Miller for years, but I hold the view that complication supersedes satisfaction in media as a whole, personally.

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